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The agency that works as hard as you do.

A service-obsessed team working for you and your clients.
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A new vision for serving you and your clients.

Spark is the only agency that works for both you and your clients. Use our platform to achieve new growth while ensuring your clients enjoy high-touch, always-on care.

Grow your book

Craft and execute winning growth strategies to grow your book of business year round.

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Lead programs and incentives
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Digital growth marketing
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Dedicated account manager
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Delight your clients

Client needs don’t go away after enrollment. Automate high-touch, personal, year-round engagements and support with Spark.

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Automate 10+ personalized, high-quality client engagements per year
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Proactively help clients access financial assistance programs, utilize supplemental benefits, and more
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Dedicated customer service team working for you to engage and support your clients
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Seamless quote & enroll

Digital quoting and enrollment and a technology support team to streamline your paper processes.

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Online quoting & enrollment platform
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Digital SOAs
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Application support team
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Escape the back office

We know your time is best spent with clients.
We’ll ensure you’re paid on time, always compliant, and ready to scale.

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Commission tracking and financial forecasting
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Online contracting and certifications
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Legal, accounting & tax support
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Major carriers in one place

We offer you the best products on the market, making sure you get the plan that’s right for you.

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Nicole Blackburn

The nation’s top agents choose Spark

Career clients served


Why she works with Spark

“Spark’s navigator team has helped my clients resolve surprise medical bills, find in-network specialists, and more. They’ve saved me so much time while going above and beyond for my clients!”

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