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Make client service your competitive advantage.

Client needs don’t go away after enrollment. Automate high-touch, personal, year-round engagements and support with Spark.
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Together, we’ll set a new standard for expert, empathetic client service.

Use Spark’s automated, personalized, client engagements and always-on customer support team to surprise and delight your clients year-round.

Delight your clients, grow your business

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s more important than ever to maintain deep, personal relationships with your entire client base.

Spark helps you deliver high-touch, personal service to each of your clients — at scale.

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Win on client service, even as you scale
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Unlock referral and
cross-sell opportunities
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Win back time to pursue new business
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Increase the value of your book
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Engagement Platform

More engaged clients lead to more referrals, stronger retention, and additional cross-sell opportunities.

Our Engagement Platform creates automated, personalized engagement plans, optimizing messaging and communication channels down to the individual consumer.

Navigator Team

Our Navigator Team builds trust and relationships with your clients over time, handling inbound support requests so you can focus on your most important conversations.

We help resolve surprise medical bills, finding the right in-network specialist, making sense of supplemental benefits, and more.

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What we help with

Though our Navigators can work on almost anything, we're especially equipped to handle the following issues.

Medical bill issues
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Walk through all charges
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Review of quarterly Medicare Summary
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Manage billing disputes with insurance companies
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Determine out-of-pocket responsibilities
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Benefits utilization
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Book your first transportation ride
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Help understand your dental benefit
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Set up your OTC prescription allowance
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Schedule your first telehealth visit
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Provider search
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Find the right in-network specialist
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Help booking appointments
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Appointment reminders
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Transportation assistance
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